Q: Who should I contact if I have problems or concerns about my membership?

A: You may course these through your Membership Consultant or a Customer Service Form (CSF) in your club.

Q: What are your gym hours?

A: Mon to Sat: 6AM - 12MN; Sun/Holidays: 8AM to 9PM

Q: This is my first time to enroll in a gym. Do you have a program for beginners?

A: Yes! All new members can avail of free 3Ws and 1NC.

Q: I cannot afford a personal trainer. What do you suggest?

A: Other options include Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX classes) or Team Physique where a PT trains a group of 2 - 5.

Q: Do I have to pay and register ahead of time to take group exercises class?

A: No. All GGX classes are free for members. Participation is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q: Are classes suitable for all fitness levels?

A: Yes they are. The instructor will provide options/modifications for all fitness levels.

Q: May I get the schedule of all group exercises classes?

A: Real-time updated schedules are available through our Gold’s Gym PH mobile app and on

Q: I have certain medical complications, what program should I join?

A: It is advised that you consult a physician before participating in any physical activity. You should disclose your health condition with a fitness trainer.

Q: How much time will I need to work out?

A: We have work out plans to fit your schedule in 30 minute increments.

Q: How can our company get a corporate account?

A: Send your company details to for an assessment.

Q: Can a member train another member? Or bring in his own personal trainer?

A: Under no circumstances is any member allowed to train another member. Gold’s Gym reserves the right to all personal training at our facility.

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